Tango – Piazzolla and Music of Latin America at Britt Festival Pavilion

Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens, Jacksonville, Oregon



Tango - Piazzolla and Music of Latin America at



Tango – Piazzolla and Music of Latin America

Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens

Take part in a charming evening at the Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens on Saturday, 29th June 2024. Experience the alluring sounds of Tango, Piazzolla and the best of Latin American music.

Are you ready to experience the live rhythms of world-famous performers? do not miss the chance to be encircled in classic hits and modern masterpieces.

No need to worry if you're a longtime fan or new to Latin music – this show is for everyone. Bring your friends and family and relish the energetic performances that have caught the attention of fans around the globe.

Starting at $64, this is a valuable opportunity to see incredible artists LIVE! Step out from the ordinary and be a part of this sound adventure.

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Come join an evening where tunes and passions collide. Buy tickets now and be swept away in the exciting sounds of Tango and Piazzolla!

Indulge in the energizing rhythms of Tango, Piazzolla and Music of Latin America on Saturday 29th June 2024. The Britt Festival Orchestra will culminate its annual with a showcase of Latin American dance music. The event guarantees energetic energy and an extraordinary night.

Astor Piazzolla

Astor Piazzolla was a trailblazer in a new tango style, merging elements of classical and jazz music. His famous piece "Libertango" remains a classical today. Born in Argentina in 1921, Piazzolla spoke in four languages and mastered the bandoneon from a young age. His music continues to impact musicians globally.

Tinto Tango

The group delivers passionate and masterful performances of Piazzolla's music, earning a Latin Grammy for Best Tango Album in 2021. Their debut album, "Tinto Tango Plays Piazzolla", made in collaboration with Rafa, is widely acclaimed.

Pablo Ziegler and Masae Shiwa

The energetic duo of Ziegler and Shiwa brought their virtuoso interpretation of Nuevo Tango across the United States and beyond. Their most recent collaboration has left audiences glued to their seats. Ziegler was worked closely with Piazzolla, furthering the innovative nuevo tango style.

Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens Information

Situated in the scenic town of Jacksonville, Oregon, the Britt Festival Pavilion at 350 First Street offers an cozy concert vibe with a maximum of 2,200. Always delivering its beautiful surroundings, Britt hosts world-class artists across various genres. The venue is easily accessible, situated five miles west of Medford and 20 miles north of Ashland. For more information, call Britt directly at their provided contact.

Ticket Information

Tickets are currently at $64. We encourage you to get your tickets from the reliable marketplace "Ticket Squeeze". Click the "Get tickets" link to acquire your entry. Don’t wait too long, as tickets are limited.

About the Venue

britt festival pavilion & gardens

Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens

Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens, Jacksonville, Oregon, 97530, US