Britt Festival Pavilion Information

The Britt Festival Pavilion, nestled in the scenic locale of Jacksonville, Oregon, serves as a music hub for lovers of diverse genres, with a sound and lighting system of superior quality. The venue includes additional spaces tailored for smaller events alongside the central pavilion. The Britt Festival Pavilion frequently hosts educational and community-based programs. A cultural experience defined by its picturesque surroundings, the Pavilion holds a special place in the hearts of musicians and music lovers alike.

Britt Festival Pavilion


What started as the hunt for a summer festival venue, has since become an annual commitment to music, performance arts appreciation, and artistic education. A central piece in Jacksonville’s cultural legacy, the Britt Festival Pavilion – named after James A. Britt, an avid supporter of the arts – has enriched the city’s musical atmosphere since its establishment in 1963. Originally designed as a summer base for the Britt Chamber Orchestra, the Pavilion’s scope expanded over time. From its classical origins, it began to welcome a diverse range of music styles, from pop to jazz and rock. The Pavilion’s evolution mirrored the growth of the city’s musical scene, transforming it into a gathering point for various musical styles. After the stage was built, the only resident performer was a local orchestra that provided all the music, until the current pavilion was built in 1978. The festival continued to grow from then, with more seats being added, national attention being gained, and high-profile artists choosing to perform at the venue. Over time, the venue became known as a popular spot for outdoor music, even outside of the Britt summer festival. The venue also sponsored educational programs through its educational arm, The Britt Institute, including The Kassia Ensemble, that has taken up residence as of September to launch a new elementary school program inspired by “100 Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls”. Famous musicians, such as Dmitri Matheny, have even opted to come back to southern Oregon to deliver educational programs from the Britt Festival Pavilion stage and venue. Now, the Pavilion is more than just a music venue; it symbolizes Jacksonville’s vibrant culture and Britt’s enduring passion for the arts. Both locals and visitors, regardless of whether they come from nearby or from across the globe, can immerse themselves in a singular musical experience at the Pavilion.

What Makes the Britt Festival Pavilion Unique?

The Pavilion stands apart due to its distinctive location, set atop a hill, offering a breathtaking view of the Rogue River, creating a unique ambiance for its concerts. Besides its picturesque locale, the rich historical context and the Pavilion’s design – known for its excellent acoustics – add to its uniqueness. Being an open-air venue, visitors can enjoy musical performances in the heart of nature, enhancing the overall experience. The Pavilion also stands out for its wide variety of hosted music styles, from classical to rock, reflecting Jacksonville’s rich and diverse musical heritage. Beyond hosting renowned artists, it serves as a platform for upcoming local talent, showcasing the Pavilion’s commitment to fostering the local arts scene. Today, The Britt Festival Pavilion is more than just an excellent and beautiful outdoor venue. It is also home to a non-profit performing arts festival that brings the best of entertainment to Jacksonville, Oregon residents, and music-lovers from across the globe. Famous stars are eager to bring their tours to the city, making the venue a memorable place to see charts-topping hit sensations. It serves the community with the various education and arts programs it sponsors and hosts. It also helps add to Jacksonville’s famous sense of community.

Sound System

The Britt Festival Pavilion boasts a cutting-edge sound system – the Meyer Sound Clairmont Line Array, internationally acclaimed for its superior quality and performance. Irrespective of the genre or performer, this sound system delivers an unforgettable auditory experience.


The prestigious Britt Music Festival, a non-profit organization established in 1963, owns and operates the Britt Festival Pavilion. The Festival’s dedication to hosting top-tier classical music performances and nurturing an appreciation for classical music has played a pivotal role in shaping the Pavilion’s identity and success.

Passenger Drop Off

Patrons can be dropped off at the south gate circular driveway on First and Fir Streets. Access on Fir Street is limited to permit holders on concert days. (4:00 PM – 6:00 PM)

Weather Policy

Concerts proceed as scheduled, rain or shine, unless conditions endanger the safety of artists and the audience. Refunds are only issued due to weather conditions if the show is officially canceled. Patrons are advised to dress appropriately for the weather and carry necessary items like rain gear or ponchos. Umbrellas are allowed until the show starts; at this point, they must be closed.

Plan for Poor Air Quality

If the Britt Festival Orchestra performances must be moved to North Medford High School due to poor air quality, patrons will be queued in three lines: The first line is for reserved seat holders who will be seated first. The second line is for paid lawn ticket holders who will be seated second. The third line is for complimentary ticket holders who will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis. These lines will be processed at 15-minute intervals. Note that “Britt Presents” concerts will not be relocated due to poor air quality.


Here are a few tips for planning the experience to make the most of the visit:

  • Be proactive and book tickets early – especially for popular events, so you can secure a spot before it’s sold out.
  • Give yourself plenty of time and arrive early. It helps to avoid parking issues or other inconveniences, allowing you to settle in and fully enjoy the wonderful atmosphere.
  • Plan meals in advance – whether you bring a decadent picnic dinner or indulge in the delicious food from on-site vendors.
  • Dress comfortably and keep something warm on hand for potentially cool evening air.

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