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The California Honeydrops

Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens

Prepare yourself for The California Honeydrops at the Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens on Sunday, 7th July 2024 in Jacksonville, Oregon. The California Honeydrops have won the hearts of audiences globally, offering rich songs such as, ‘When It Was Wrong’ and ‘Like You Mean It’ will continue to reverberate until the end of the night.

Together with The California Honeydrops are the talented and passionate Shook Twins, complementing the overall atmosphere with their unique mix of folk and pop. Expect a night of engaging musical performances that will make you feel at ease.

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Fall In Love Again Tour 2024

Join us for an incredible evening as The California Honeydrops, fronted by the energetic Lech Wierzynski, hit the stage at Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens. Scheduled on Sunday, July 7th, 2024, this high-energy concert guarantees dance-party vibes for everyone. Gear up to groove to the exciting beats of the Shook Twins, the special guests for the evening.

The California Honeydrops

Embark on a musical journey with The California Honeydrops. Formed in November 2007, this retro-soul band delivers a mix of Blues, Gospel and New Orleans Jazz. Listeners can expect popular songs such as "Call It Home" and "Cry For Me". Their recent work, a concert compilation, has been given some massive recognition. For those of you who cant wait; California Honeydrops' upcoming shows on also offer a preview of their exciting performances.

Shook Twins

Accompanying The California Honeydrops are the indie-folk duo, Shook Twins. Popular for their distinctive harmonies and vocal compositions, the pair has charmed crowds with hits like "Safe" and "Shake". Their recent releases keep continuing to showcase their steady development. Their collaborations with The California Honeydrops make for a rich musical performance.

Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens Information

Situated in Jacksonville, Oregon, Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens is a perfect venue for holding world-class performances. Surrounded by legendary scenery, this location can accommodate 2,200 fans, making sure a friendly, welcoming environment for such gatherings. Patrons are encouraged to call the venue for further info or inquiries at 541-773-6077.

Ticket Information

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Catch the spirit of live music at this festive concert.

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britt festival pavilion & gardens

Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens

Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens, Jacksonville, Oregon, 97530, US