Rick Springfield & Richard Marx at Britt Festival Pavilion

Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens, Jacksonville, Oregon



Rick Springfield & Richard Marx at Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens



Rick Springfield & Richard Marx

Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens

Rick Springfield & Richard Marx tickets

Catch the legendary exciting songs of Rick Springfield & Richard Marx live at the Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens. Scheduled on Friday, 2nd August 2024, in beautiful Jacksonville, Oregon, this is an performance you should be there for. They are touring on their 2024 "Acoustic" tour and brining it here to Jacksonville this fall!

Prepare to relish timeless hits and eventful tunes. Jam along to Springfield's "Jessie's Girl", and embrace Richard Marx's "Right Here Waiting". This concert guarantees an must see celebration of pop and rock, featuring two legendary performers on one fantastic stage.

Grab your spot now! Entry from $91. Click the 'buy tickets' link and make sure you become part of the celebration. A night you'll never forget is just a click away.

Rick Springfield & Richard Marx Tickets from $91

2024 Acoustic Tour

Catch the hair-raising LIVE performance of Rick Springfield and Richard Marx at the Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens in Jacksonville, Oregon on Friday, August 2, 2024. This concert is part of their 2024 Acoustic Tour, promising an evening filled with timeless hits and excellent musical talent.

Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield, a Grammy top-rated artist, is famous for his hit single "Jessie's Girl". The song, which reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, is just one of many important tracks that will undoubtedly thrill fans during the concert. Springfield has received numerous honors throughout his career, including a Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. In addition to his music career, he hosts a SiriusXM radio show called Working Class DJ, where he shares themed playlists and personal stories.

Springfield continues to entertain crowds with his latest albums and live performances. His recent tours have been full of exuberant energy and passion for performing LIVE!

Richard Marx

Richard Marx, another Grammy award-winning performer, is celebrated for his chart-topping hits like "Right Here Waiting", "Hazard", and "Hold On to the Nights". His career spans decades, marked by numerous awards and recognition, including a Grammy for Best Song Written for Visual Media. Marx's recent album, "Limitless", released in 2020, features collaborations with well known artists and demonstrates his enduring talent and relevance in the music industry.

Most recently, Marx expanded his artistic reach by co-headlining tours with Springfield, creating a unique and lively live show experience. His performances are characterized by friendly heartfelt performances of his classic songs.

Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens Information

The Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens is situated at 350 South 1st Street, Jacksonville, Oregon. This venue offers an cozy setting with a maximum capacity of 2,200, which ensures a personal show experience. tucked in historic Jacksonville, the festival ground is famous for its beautiful scenery and exciting summer programming.

Recently, the Britt Music & Arts Festival announced an upcoming season featuring world-class artists and diverse musical genres. For more information about the pavilion or event, you can contact the Britt Festival Pavilion directly.

Ticket Information

Tickets for Rick Springfield and Richard Marx's concert are available from $91. Secure your seats through the trusted shop, Ticket Squeeze. Click the "buy tickets" link to ensure your spot at this fantastic concert.

About the Venue

britt festival pavilion & gardens

Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens

Britt Festival Pavilion & Gardens, Jacksonville, Oregon, 97530, US